Top Ten International Cuisines

Top Ten International Cuisines


The world has way too many different cultures and cuisines to keep up with and what is most beautiful about this is every single one of them has their own distinct flavours, history, characteristics and colors to it. Given below are ten of the most exciting cuisines around the world


  1. Indonesian

The Indonesian cuisine is known for its hot and spicy food that is generally seasoned with local herbs and spices. It is influenced by the Chinese cuisine but unlike Chinese food it is less bland. Noodles, curry and meatballs are an Indonesian favourite.


  1. Spanish

Spanish cuisine is known to be light yet flavorful. The Spanish cuisine incorporates a lot of olive oil in their preparations and also experiment with bread. Their dishes are rarely complicated and is always based on the crops that are grown regionally.


  1. French

Known for its class and heavy attention to detail, the French cuisine is one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world. Incorporating a lot of cheese, wine and varieties of bread, this cuisine will never leave you feeling too full.

  1. Japanese

The food belonging to this cuisine is usually grilled, steamed or deep fried, making it a healthy food lifestyle to choose. The staple meal always includes noodles or rice coupled with seafood, tofu and also vegetables.


  1. Turkish

This is an exciting fusion of Central Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food styles. You can taste the regional influence in the food of this cuisine. One thing to know about Turkish food is that they love to use forms of yoghurt in their food.


  1. Italian

Featuring extreme simplicity coupled with heavy flavours, the Italian cuisine is famous for how they limit their ingredients to a maximum of seven to eight ingredients in total. The quality of the ingredients used is given much more importance than the duration of cooking or the number of steps that go into the preparation of a meal,

  1. Chinese

The most widely accepted cuisine has to be that of Chinese. Every country definitely has at least one Chinese restaurants and it is evident from how familiar we all are with dumplings, schezwan noodles and stir-fried rice. This is not a true cuisine but a fusion of several regional cuisines


  1. Indian

The Indian flavour palate has to be one of the most variety laden. India being a country with so many different cultures offers a wide range of flavours and options to taste from. Indian cooking is usually heavier and more elaborate than other cuisines.


  1. Moroccan

A lot of us are familiar with the famous couscous. Morocco really loves to incorporate beef in most of their dishes, as it is one of their favourite red meat. It is an amalgamation of the Andalusian, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines.


  1. Thai

Simple yet elegant is the best way to describe thai food. Using of lot of coconut milk and peanut in most of their dishes, the influence of Asian cultures over the borders can be noticed. Thai curry is one of the most enjoyed dishes around the world.

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