Four Mouth Watering Turkish Foods One Must Try

Four Mouth Watering Turkish Foods One Must Try


Turkey has some great dishes that will leave you mind blown and only wanting more. They say that Turkey created a cuisine that cannot allow for gluttony to be a sin, because it is close to impossible to not be in absolute indulgence in Turkish food. The Turkish menu can please both meat lovers and vegetarians with their หนังสือกีฬา range of options. Here are the top four dishes off of the Turkish cuisine that you must try.


  1. Lahmacun

Cripsy and fresh, Lahmacun resembles a pizza presented with a garnish of minced meat, plate of mixed greens and lemon squeeze on bread and can be wrapped or pulled out. The Turkish version of pizza is loaded with flavors. It is always served along with fresh vegetables like tomato, parsley or lettuce, and goes best with a squeeze of lemon over it. The minced mutton and Mediterranean flavors simply burst in your mouth. It is an acclaimed dish everywhere throughout the nation.


  1. Köfte

Köfte which is the Turkish rendition of meatballs are balls or patties made of minced beef. It is regularly sold in wraps with serving of mixed greens and pita bread. There are variants with chickpeas and vegetables also, but the meat is more preferred. Köfte is very important in a Turkish household. It is mostly stewed or even stuffed in sandwiches. Sometimes it is coupled with salads or eaten along with a side of yoghurt. This dish is a mildly spicy, flavor laden non-vegetarian dish that simply leaves you wanting more.

  1. Turkish Delight

If you’ve watched the Chronicles of Narnia, you must have heard enough about how the Turkish Delight can lure you into gluttony. This dish is locally called Locum and it is one of the best sweets available in the Turkish menu. Comprising of mouth-watering mixes of finely chopped dates, pistachios, pecans or hazelnuts, you will find that this is a small chunk of beautiful flavors to excite your tastebuds. Make sure to never be deceived by the pink, sugary imitation Turkish Delights that are often available at local streets to end up spoiling your first experience.

  1. Manti

Famously known as Turkish Ravioli, Manti is a beautiful dish with carefully assembled dumplings are loaded up with ground beef or mutton, and dressed with a rich yogurt sauce. Manti sets aside a great deal of effort to plan, yet once you’ve tasted a nibble, you’ll see that the diligent work satisfies. The spiced ground meat will simply dissolve in your mouth and the flavours of the garlic and tomato sauce just tastes great with the raviolis. It is a customary Turkish dish that is made in every family unit. Manti is mostly prepared for special occasions and is best to be accompanied with finely chopped tomato.

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