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Ten Most Popular Bar Drinks Ever

Bar Drinks

If you’re in your undergrad years you’re probably stocking up on rum and beer cans for obvious reasons – we’re all broke. What your missing out on is a bunch of exotic mixes and cocktails that most bars have to offer. Here’s a rounded up list of ten of the most enjoyed and popular bar drink there are


  1. Daiquiri

A great daiquiri is one of the most balanced cocktails. Though the Daiquiri is frequently made in a very slushie consistency, it is a very simple drink regularly infused with strawberry seasoning. It is basically white or dark rum, sugar, and lime, shaken over ice.


  1. Whiskey Sour

The Whiskey Sour is placed with the sour group of cocktails, where a sort of alcohol is splashed with citrus squeeze and sugar. The British Royal Navy slugged these down back in 18th century and even before, frequently with rum and lime, to fight scurvy. For those evenings when you need to scrub your sense of your own taste buds, get yourself a Whiskey Sour


  1. Dry Martini

There is no other mixed drink that has been publicised like the great martini, be it in movies or shows on the television . All you need are a martini shaker, a chilled glass, and a sensibly high liquor resistance. We’ve all seen James Bond drink a Martini the wrong way.


  1. Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is astoundingly great, and ideal for any individual who likes their bourbon drinks to be sweeter than usual. Whiskey, sugar, sharp flavoring, and water—is truly the cocktail that began everything.


  1. Manhattan

Along with quality whiskey, what makes the manhattan stand out amongst whiskey cocktails is the infusion of sweet vermouth. You haven’t tried the right Manhattan if you cant taste the vermouth.


  1. Espresso Martini

Yet another martini but with an exciting flavor of coffee in it. This cocktails mixes coffee with alcohol, mostly vodka. The drink also has some coffee liqueur making it an absolute masterpiece for coffee lovers.

  1. Margarita

This cocktail is famously known as the ‘summer drink’ and happens to be the ladies’ favourite. The margarita is also a drink that belongs to the sweet section, however it is a strong drink with tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and some ice.


  1. Moscow Mule

A hero of a drink, the Moscow mule is a great drink for just any season. The drink is usually served in a very aesthetic and small copper bucket. The key ingredients of the drink are vodka, ginger beer and lime, of course.

  1. Negroni

As the name suggests, this drink has it roots from the Italian cuisine. Being one of the most popular cocktails out there, Negroni is a mix of Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth in the right proportion.


  1. Aperol Spiritz

This drink also has Italian roots and is a slightly bitter cocktail. However, this is a go-to drink for daytime drinkers. The drink has equal parts of Aperol and prosecco served with wine and orange slices.

Top Ten International Cuisines


The world has way too many different cultures and cuisines to keep up with and what is most beautiful about this is every single one of them has their own distinct flavours, history, characteristics and colors to it. Given below are ten of the most exciting cuisines around the world


  1. Indonesian

The Indonesian cuisine is known for its hot and spicy food that is generally seasoned with local herbs and spices. It is influenced by the Chinese cuisine but unlike Chinese food it is less bland. Noodles, curry and meatballs are an Indonesian favourite.


  1. Spanish

Spanish cuisine is known to be light yet flavorful. The Spanish cuisine incorporates a lot of olive oil in their preparations and also experiment with bread. Their dishes are rarely complicated and is always based on the crops that are grown regionally.


  1. French

Known for its class and heavy attention to detail, the French cuisine is one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world. Incorporating a lot of cheese, wine and varieties of bread, this cuisine will never leave you feeling too full.

  1. Japanese

The food belonging to this cuisine is usually grilled, steamed or deep fried, making it a healthy food lifestyle to choose. The staple meal always includes noodles or rice coupled with seafood, tofu and also vegetables.


  1. Turkish

This is an exciting fusion of Central Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food styles. You can taste the regional influence in the food of this cuisine. One thing to know about Turkish food is that they love to use forms of yoghurt in their food.


  1. Italian

Featuring extreme simplicity coupled with heavy flavours, the Italian cuisine is famous for how they limit their ingredients to a maximum of seven to eight ingredients in total. The quality of the ingredients used is given much more importance than the duration of cooking or the number of steps that go into the preparation of a meal,

  1. Chinese

The most widely accepted cuisine has to be that of Chinese. Every country definitely has at least one Chinese restaurants and it is evident from how familiar we all are with dumplings, schezwan noodles and stir-fried rice. This is not a true cuisine but a fusion of several regional cuisines


  1. Indian

The Indian flavour palate has to be one of the most variety laden. India being a country with so many different cultures offers a wide range of flavours and options to taste from. Indian cooking is usually heavier and more elaborate than other cuisines.


  1. Moroccan

A lot of us are familiar with the famous couscous. Morocco really loves to incorporate beef in most of their dishes, as it is one of their favourite red meat. It is an amalgamation of the Andalusian, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines.


  1. Thai

Simple yet elegant is the best way to describe thai food. Using of lot of coconut milk and peanut in most of their dishes, the influence of Asian cultures over the borders can be noticed. Thai curry is one of the most enjoyed dishes around the world.

Four Mouth Watering Turkish Foods One Must Try


Turkey has some great dishes that will leave you mind blown and only wanting more. They say that Turkey created a cuisine that cannot allow for gluttony to be a sin, because it is close to impossible to not be in absolute indulgence in Turkish food. The Turkish menu can please both meat lovers and vegetarians with their range of options. Here are the top four dishes off of the Turkish cuisine that you must try.


  1. Lahmacun

Cripsy and fresh, Lahmacun resembles a pizza presented with a garnish of minced meat, plate of mixed greens and lemon squeeze on bread and can be wrapped or pulled out. The Turkish version of pizza is loaded with flavors. It is always served along with fresh vegetables like tomato, parsley or lettuce, and goes best with a squeeze of lemon over it. The minced mutton and Mediterranean flavors simply burst in your mouth. It is an acclaimed dish everywhere throughout the nation.


  1. Köfte

Köfte which is the Turkish rendition of meatballs are balls or patties made of minced beef. It is regularly sold in wraps with serving of mixed greens and pita bread. There are variants with chickpeas and vegetables also, but the meat is more preferred. Köfte is very important in a Turkish household. It is mostly stewed or even stuffed in sandwiches. Sometimes it is coupled with salads or eaten along with a side of yoghurt. This dish is a mildly spicy, flavor laden non-vegetarian dish that simply leaves you wanting more.

  1. Turkish Delight

If you’ve watched the Chronicles of Narnia, you must have heard enough about how the Turkish Delight can lure you into gluttony. This dish is locally called Locum and it is one of the best sweets available in the Turkish menu. Comprising of mouth-watering mixes of finely chopped dates, pistachios, pecans or hazelnuts, you will find that this is a small chunk of beautiful flavors to excite your tastebuds. Make sure to never be deceived by the pink, sugary imitation Turkish Delights that are often available at local streets to end up spoiling your first experience.

  1. Manti

Famously known as Turkish Ravioli, Manti is a beautiful dish with carefully assembled dumplings are loaded up with ground beef or mutton, and dressed with a rich yogurt sauce. Manti sets aside a great deal of effort to plan, yet once you’ve tasted a nibble, you’ll see that the diligent work satisfies. The spiced ground meat will simply dissolve in your mouth and the flavours of the garlic and tomato sauce just tastes great with the raviolis. It is a customary Turkish dish that is made in every family unit. Manti is mostly prepared for special occasions and is best to be accompanied with finely chopped tomato.